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Donna-Elephant-smDr. Donna M Starita is the owner and director of A Place for Healing, Center for Vibrational Medicine for Animals and People in Damascus, Oregon.

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To schedule appointments please call the front desk at (503) 658-0316. We will explain what your first appointment will entail.

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What Is Vibrational Medicine? What Is Vibrational Medicine?

Vibrational, or energy medicine are terms that define the “new medicine” of the 21st century, a philosophy and science that views the body, mind and spirit as a complex, interrelated whole. The goal of the practitioner is to identify and remove the blocks that prevent you or your pet from experiencing and expressing the highest level of vibrant good health and joyfulness of spirit – naturally!

Introducing: Living Systems Analysis and Quantum Frequency Rebalancing ™

Techniques that allow us to identify and help you heal the patterns of illness or imbalance that that are creating disease at a core level.



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"I love this clinic one doesnt need to go anywhere else,,,its such a piece of mind knowing that you are getting the greatest care..."

Fay B. Damascus, OR November 23, 2015


Product of the Month

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Case of the Month

Lately, I haven’t been myself. Anxious, tense, emotional,always seeming to find myself involved in one conflict/ drama or another, especially with family. Always, as I rehearsed what I’d like to say to involved parties in my mind, I would come back to the voice in my ear saying “I HAVE A RIGHT TO BE ANGRY”!
Last week it peaked. In a state of high anxiety without recognizing the cause, I went down to the barn to find my mare in the same state. Usually placid, her ears and face were drawn back in a grimace as she stood grinding her teeth. Her muscles were as tight as boards, her neck was arched weirdly to the right and she shook her head constantly as though in pain. When I tried to touch her, she bit me – hard. I had no idea what was going on and so over the top with my own process I needed help. The local vet had no idea – all the tests were negative. When the mare bit me again I reacted – “if you do that again I’ll put you in a
can”! I yelled. "I HAVE A RIGHT TO BE ANGRY!''
Finally, I saw it. So out of control. Anger, resentment against self and others. That incredibly painful compressed place when the emotion is trying to and finally breaks to the surface. Once it’s recognized though, how do you clear it especially when you’re IN IT.

Here’s some options:
1  - “ Blowing Roses” -
2 -  Emotional Freedom Technique “Tapping” -
3 -  Deep breathing and centering
4 -  Violet Flame Technique -
5 -  Call on your Highest Self and ask her/him to dissolve the energy with Grace, kind of like Cosmic de-greaser.

At a physical level, as the intensity of the emotion recedes, the body may need some support especially for the adrenals. See our product of the month for some suggestions on how to get yourself back in balance after the cleansing crisis has passed. Tasha and I are both coming back to our “real selves”, only new and improved. Lighter, more bonded, more open to each other, more respectful of each other’s process. We are choosing to forgive each other and ourselves for having something that needed to be forgiven. As it turns out, the healer who came out to help me with her, identified a very traumatic event in her past that she had been holding at a deep level and was the source of her own anger and resentment issues. Turns out she had “a right to be angry”.
Glad she didn’t put me in a can. ☺
Peace, Donna



Upcoming class in Arizona

Exploring Inner Space XX
November 5-8, 2017 Sedona, AZ
-bonus Dynamite Training Day November 4

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Upcoming class in Portland

 Medical Intuitive Diagnosis and Energetic Healing: If your animal is ill, do you have options beyond blood-work, x-rays, ultrasound, surgery and drugs?

You bet you do. Come explore what the new field of Vibrational Medicine has to offer you and your animal "beyond the conventional".

March 3 2018 @ Wild Pet Provisions 

5.00 PM - 6.00 PM

2393 NE Fremont St, Suite A Portland, OR 97212, USA




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