interiorA Place For Healing is a center for alternative and energy healing for animals and people. Consultations are available by phone or in person.

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Donna-Elephant-smDr. Donna M Starita is the owner and director of A Place for Healing, Center for Vibrational Medicine for Animals and People in Damascus, Oregon.

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To schedule appointments please call the front desk at (503) 658-0316. We will explain what your first appointment will entail.

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What Is Vibrational Medicine? What Is Vibrational Medicine?

Vibrational, or energy medicine are terms that define the “new medicine” of the 21st century, a philosophy and science that views the body, mind and spirit as a complex, interrelated whole. The goal of the practitioner is to identify and remove the blocks that prevent you or your pet from experiencing and expressing the highest level of vibrant good health and joyfulness of spirit – naturally!

Introducing: Living Systems Analysis and Quantum Frequency Rebalancing ™

Techniques that allow us to identify and help you heal the patterns of illness or imbalance that that are creating disease at a core level.



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"I love this clinic one doesnt need to go anywhere else,,,its such a piece of mind knowing that you are getting the greatest care..."

Fay B. Damascus, OR November 23, 2015


Product of the Month

Medicine Bags for pets


Energy healing and protection for animals.

Created by artist Michelle Tippin, each bag is made from either goat or deer hide and contains sacred feathers and stones (such as turquoise, tourmaline and clear quartz) based on Native American traditions. Call or e-mail with your animals specifics (name, age, breed) and we'll customize your purchase with crystals specific to their current energetic needs.
Small: $13.60 Large $16.55





Case of the Month

"Rider" - a 7 yr. old male German Shepherd.


Presentation: Rider is your typical shepherd, vigilant and loyal, sometimes to excess. He is also extremely sensitive to the emotions and thoughts of his humans, as well as toxic electromagnetic fields and environmental radio-activity. As an empath, he has difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries and "streams" or merges with those around him. He manifests this as anxiety, aggression, skin disorders, ear infections and diarrhea. In his balanced state he is healthy, calm, funny and loving.

Energetic diagnosis: Energetic hyper-sensitivity with weak personal field boundaries.

Program: His humans have learned to leave their "energy shoes" at the door, practicing energy hygiene in the home environment. . They clean, ground and protect Rider's energy field daily. They have learned to "breathe" slow and deep. Supplements: Various homeopathics depending on need. Nervous system support: L-Theanine, Phosphatidyl Serine, SAME. EMF/Radio-activity protection: Radialgin and Yarrow Environmental Formula. Nutritional support: Fish oil, Vit. D3, Zinc, Apple Cider Vinegar, Iodine. Topically: Vetricyn









As we prepare to offer LSA/QFR as a 200 hour Certification Course in 2017, we will be offering our classroom lectures as a series of PowerPoint Presentations.

Click here to view our Powerpoint Presentations.

Many thanks to all the folks, and animals, who have helped us to achieve this goal, and who have supported the lecture series throughout the years.



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