September Solar and Lunar Eclipse

September 1st Solar Eclipse and September 16th Lunar:

No one or thing can escape the influence or impact of the Divine Energy that is pouring from the heart center of the galaxy. You cannot hide from it. You cannot ignore it – it has become too powerful and pervasive. Those who ignore this gift will find all their negative thoughts and emotions magnified and more intense – almost as though they are turning those energies inward upon themselves. Self-destructive impulses are more prevalent among the people of the world, as you have surely observed. The reason for this is that everyone is being stimulated to make a choice – to accept this cosmic infusion as a gift and begin to work with it, allowing the impacted energies within their Beings to be activated, stirred up and released into neutral Light Substance, or to continue into a downward spiral of density, pain and collective consciousness self-destruction.
Free will has never been more in force than it is now. For those who do not choose to work with these energies in a positive way( see “How we get there…” blog from 7/21/2016 ), or choose to ignore them, all of the negativity within their physical, mental and emotional and etheric bodies will be stirred up, but instead of being released and transmuted, they will experience chaos, both within and without. This will manifest as illness, puzzling symptoms that cannot be diagnosed, depression, rage, frustration, addictions and, in extreme cases, acts of violence brought about by those energies being projected outward toward another or inward on ourselves.
The September 1st new moon solar eclipse is offering us the opportunity to clarify, once and for all, what we believe and what vision we want to align ourselves with as we move into the September 16th lunar eclipse. The month of September 2016 promises to be a time when we finally make a decision about what it is we truly want to create with intention in the coming “New Times”. It is, more than ever, a profoundly powerful opportunity and challenge to release any final fears we have about seeing things as they really are. As the September 1st solar eclipse helps us finally step through the illusion of our old limited way of being, and our fears and densities fall away so that we don’t bring them forward, the September 16th lunar eclipse propels us towards our final gifts and an overwhelming sense of completion and closure as we step into what will be.
Do your work to release any density that still needs to be cleared – be fearless! And dream big – have the courage to be clear about what you do want and which direction you want to head in because IT WILL HAPPEN.
There has never been a more exciting time.

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