Top 10 obesity-related pet conditions

These cat and dog conditions accounted for more than 1.3 million Nationwide pet insurance claims in 2016, a 23 percent increase from three years before. Obesity continues to grow in veterinary practices (no pun intended). Nationwide reported an uptick in pet insurance claims for obesity-related conditions in 2016. More than 1.3 million claims for more […]

Why Choose Energetic Healing, aka E-Medicine?

“ Free “ energy. Utilizes the O-Point Field, limitless and constantly available to everyone. “ Green “. We already exist within the Field. No travel or postal charges. Untaxable. Freely available. Detect imbalances in your system before they have a chance to manifest as a physical symptom or disease. Most “ disease “ has an […]

This image shows a flea


Fleas are about to explode on the scene, and we’ve been getting a lot of calls about natural control. So here you are – updated info on how to deal with this! 1) Raw food diets as much as possible 2) Regular immune support and detoxification 3) Limit vaccines 4) Nutritional yeast or Yeast and […]