Schedule Appointments

Schedule Appointments

Schedule Appointments

To schedule appointments, please call the front desk at (503) 658-0316. (Remember! We’re Pacific Standard Time). We will explain what your first appointment will entail. You will be asked to send us a picture of you or your animal via email or post office (whole body please). You will be mailed a DNA Sample Kit to return back to us after swabbing the inside of the client’s mouth.


After you have scheduled your appointment, complete our online registration form as soon as possible.
Indicate your established appointment time in the space on the online form.


  1. Call the phone consultation line (503) 658-0502 at your pre-arranged time.
  2. After the initial consult, Dr. Starita will discuss the results of the energetic analysis and recommend direction for a return to well being. A synopsis will be sent to your primary care provider, if you choose. Please inform us that you would like to have us do so.

It is recommended that each new patient have a thorough exam by their primary health care provider at least yearly and for each current health challenge.


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