End of Life Care and Counseling

End of lifeAccording to our current reality, we are all born, we grow, we decline and then we die – our bodies go back to the Earth and our Spirit rises to merge back into the pure consciousness from which we came. It can be a beautiful and natural dance of ebb and flow if we feel supported and are not in fear.

As a veterinarian for over thirty years, and now as a metaphysician and spiritual counselor, I’m privileged to have been present to the birth, life and death of many of my clients. The circle and recycling of life force energy ( sikkem).

Many questions and fears may arise at this time, however, for the person who is faced, often suddenly, with their own mortality, or for the human companion who must make decisions for the animal, or person they are responsible for and love. Emotions, pressure and a deep sense of guilt may cloud the person’s ability to make the “right“ choice. An inability to understand or intuit what is truly in the best interests of the animal or person they are caring for may increase the caretaker’s sense of grief, fear, guilt and loss.

We are honored to be able to assist at this incredibly powerful time. Imagine that you could make life or death decisions for your pet and loved one on the basis of what they truly want. Animals and people are not adverse to suffering if it is bringing them to increased life, awareness and empathy, but when is suffering no longer serving a purpose and it is in the best interests of the person or animal to let go and rise. Hopefully in a state of great peace, supported by Spirit and those who love them?

End of life care consists of connecting with the animal or person either directly or through their caretaker, listening to the desires of their heart, and communicating this information gently and effectively. It also allows us access to choices of essences, natural extracts, herbs and rituals that will help to support the soul, human or animal, on this amazing journey back to Source. When it’s time.