Energy Healing Modalities

At every visit, every person, pet or animal is evaluated at all levels with Living Systems Analysis. The treatment, or Quantum Frequency Rebalancing, may include one or more of the following energy healing modalities:

Bio Photon Rebalancing

The ABPA A2 Advanced Biophoton Analyzer allows us to transmit energy patterns to anyone, anywhere regardless of distance. With the use of this machine, we are able to:

  • Achieve effective remote sessions with Rife, Radionics and other remote machines
  • Help to reduce stress on your body’s energetic systems
  • Antidote and neutralize the energetic effects of chemicals and toxins in household products that may be weakening your body (such as household cleaning products)
  • Neutralize harmful energies in your living area and land, including sick house syndrome, water and soil

Samples of DNA ( mouth swab ), air, soil or water may be requested.

Energy Body Hygiene

Beyond the physical, the human and animal energy body consists of four additional electromagnetic or consciousness field – etheric, emotional, mental and causal or spiritual. Imbalances or distortions in any one of these fields will eventually manifest themselves as disease or symptoms in the physical plane.

Regular care and maintenance of your subtle energy body is just as essential to your overall well-being as is regular care and maintenance of the physical body ie proper nutrition, daily cleansing, pure water and exercise.

It is not only possible but vital that imbalances or toxicities in the energy body be addressed on a daily basis (energy hygiene) and that we learn to create a protective energy shield around ourselves that protects us from taking on unhealthy energy from the people, situations or environments that we come in contact with on a daily basis. This includes the potentially toxic effects of electromagnetic fields created by our current technologies, radioactivity and heavy metals.

Download Essential Energy Care: Advanced Practices for Sensing, Cleaning & Protecting Your Energy from the Institute of Subtle Energy Education.

Keep your energy high and bright. Shining the pure light of your own being is your greatest gift back to the planet.

Nutritional Supplementation

Once the client’s needs have been assessed via Living Systems Evaluation (LSA), a program of nutritional supplementation and diet therapy may be recommended based on their unique energy needs. Our pharmacy stocks or has available complete lines of companies leading on the field of natural healing such as Standard Process Laboratories, Integrative Therapeutics and Innate Response Formulas.

These supplements may be purchased directly from Dr. Starita or through our online market.

Spiritual Transformation

We are living in a time of greatly accelerated spiritual growth. The opportunity for spiritual transformation and ascension in this lifetime exists for every one of us despite, or because of, the apparent direness and despair of the current human condition that exists for many on planet Earth. As each one of us spins off old karma and clears distorted energy patterns and beliefs from our individual field of consciousness, we raise our vibration to our highest level of light and love. When enough of us have shifted up, the energy and vibration of Earth will shift with us, catapulting us into the coming “1000 years of peace”.

At A Place for Healing, our mission is to assist you and your animal in identifying and clearing any distorted energies or beliefs that block you from claiming your rightful place in this ascension process, the return to bliss. There are many energy healing modalities that can assist with that.

If at any time Dr. Starita feels one of her energy healing modalities is not right for you, she has no hesitation referring you to another trusted health care professional to assist you to a healthy, happy life.