This image shows a flea


Fleas are about to explode on the scene, and we’ve been getting a lot of calls about natural control. So here you are – updated info on how to deal with this!

Cat scratching

1) Raw food diets as much as possible
2) Regular immune support and detoxification
3) Limit vaccines
4) Nutritional yeast or Yeast and Garlic bits ( Natural Animal ). My cat Boo gives these two enthusiastic thumbs up
5) Fresh or granulated garlic
6) Fresh ground or powdered greens ( ie Organic Green Alternative )
7) Topical flea protection ( Beat It! Natural flea shampoos and dips ( I like the Halo line ). Go Ellen Degeneres!
9) Regular flea combing
10) Flea Aid – a homeopathic drop you administer in the water. Increases natural resistance
11) Regular vacuuming. Daily if necessary. Put a disgusting chemical flea collar in the bag to prevent them from crawling back out
12) Flea Go – a granulated borax product you apply to the carpets. Continues to work for at least a year, or until you shampoo the carpets
13) Flea Busters – a local company that will apply a similar product for you
14) ShooTag – a frequency device, similar to a credit card, that generated a vibration the fleas find unpleasant. Attaches to the collar
15) Bell & Howell’s Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Pest Repellant. Plugs into your wall ( )
So, there you go. There are plenty of more solutions on the horizon, but these will get you going.

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