Gem & Flower Essences

FLower essences - A Place for HealingFrom an energetic perspective, all physical disease originates from a more subtle energetic level – our emotions, thoughts and beliefs, and our spiritual connection, how we perceive ourselves as an aspect of the whole, or God. In our lifetime, the earth and all of its inhabitants are being asked to go through a level of personal transformation never before encountered on this planet. As our old reality disintegrates, and the energy of change accelerates, we are being given the opportunity to surrender the energy attachments that have kept us tied to the past. By allowing anything that is unresolved in our experiences and awareness to emerge into the light of the “New Consciousness”, we are given the opportunity to experience a whole new paradigm of well being.

Dharma is a term which is described as the “dutiful observance of cosmic law”, fulfilling our specific purpose as spiritual beings on this planet. Each person, plant or animal, every mineral, stone or element has a unique talent, task or gift to contribute back to the whole. No one else has this unique gift, or expresses it in the same way, no two snowflakes or grains of sand are exactly alike.

For conscious beings, the path to achieving this destiny may involve difficult lessons and painful experiences. How well we relate to and integrate these challenges determines how successful we are in meeting them. Each lesson is an important part of our divine plan and is here to help us grow in strength, wisdom and compassion.

Flower, gem and environmental essences are gifts from nature that help us to complete each life lesson with a minimum amount of struggle and a maximum amount of Grace. They are energetic extracts, preserved in water, that support us in resolving our conflicts and releasing discordant energies. They are administered either as drops or sprays, and may be used both internally and externally.