How we get there: A step by step practical guide back to your highest self


1) Honor the Earth: You’re made from her. She is you. What you give or don’t give to the Earth, you give or don’t give to yourself. Get out in Nature. Find your peace there. Breathe. Get in sync.
2) Shut out violence. Don’t look. Don’t watch violent TV, videos or movies. Be selective about what you read and listen to. Surround yourself with positive, kind people. Soft music. Bring beauty into your home environment.
3) Practice love and compassion. Pay it forward. Small (or large) acts of kindness as often as you can.
4) Detoxify: your internal and external environment. Clean house. Eliminate toxic chemicals from your home (i.e. cleaning products, aerosol sprays, solvents), and from your diet (preservatives, artificial colors, drugs ), Start a detox program (e.g. dr.Christopher’s)
5) Imagine: The reality that you want to create.
6) Create a serene environment: Energetic Clearing (see the Power Point presentation on Energy Hygiene on our website, or go to Energy Hygiene on our Resources page).
7) Limit excesses.
8) Recycle. Give away what you don’t need – practice moderation, limit consumerism. Simplify.
9) Healthy diet and pure water (check out The Mediterranean Diet
10) Exercise: 30-60 minutes per day. Walking is great. Yoga is better. Use it or lose it.
11) Meditate and breathe. Breath or Chi is synonymous with life force energy. Breathe it in and circulate it down to your toes. Mediation brings you to your center, your core, your God-self. Always present. Always there . Never changing. Constant, Powerful . You. Source. One. Core. Use meditation and your breath to get there, intent to stay there.
12) Uncover and activate the authentic self: Clear outdated, accumulated old emotions, thoughts, belief systems and encodements that are keeping you limited. There are multiple approaches to doing this. Find a healer/therapist/system you can work with.
13) Have fun. You’re home! Well done. The whole journey was back to your own center, and through it to your connection to the Universe.

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