Why Choose Energetic Healing, aka E-Medicine?

  1. Free “ energy. Utilizes the O-Point Field, limitless and constantly available to everyone.
  2. Green “. We already exist within the Field. No travel or postal charges. Untaxable. Freely available.
  3. Detect imbalances in your system before they have a chance to manifest as a physical symptom or disease. Most “ disease “ has an underlying thought, emotion or belief associated with it. In essence, if you identify and heal the thought, emotion or belief, virtually ANYTHING can be healed. Quickly.
  4. Instantly effective. Healing begins the moment you pick up the phone and make the connection.
  5. Accessible to the patient anywhere/anytime. Invaluable in situations of medical crisis/ hospitalization or times when the patient is physically unreachable ie lost animals that need medical care or comfort.
  6. Extremely cost -effective. Compared to the cost of typical and often painful, unnecessary medical diagnostics ie biopsies, surgeries and cat scans, energetic analysis is clean, painless, fast and affordable. No waiting for results.
  7. End of life care. Find out exactly when your animal or loved one is ready to pass and how they’d prefer to have it happen. Energetic and spiritual support for the transitional process. Heal yourself using Free Energy from the O-Point Field.
  8. Find out how to protect yourself, your animals and your family and friends from toxic electromagnetic fields generated by electronic devices (computers, cell phones, televisions, “ smart meters “, satellites, drones), as well as radioactivity and other peoples negative thoughts and energy that may be projected towards you = negative energy fields.
  9. Learn how to generate a strong, healthy energy boundary that is impervious to undesirable outside influences. How to “claim your space”.
  10. Sleep soundly and peacefully, rejuvenated and refreshed for the next day
  11. Connect to your God-source to heal despair, loneliness and fear and how to create the reality of YOUR choice within the Field.
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