Understanding and Using Homeopathy and Frequency Remedies

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine. It uses small doses of frequency (energy) grafted onto small sugar pellets or in water as drops. It works by gentling encouraging the patient’s energy field back into balance (equilibrium) allowing them to heal.

Remedies come in different strengths such as 2X, 30C, and 1M. The X potencies are the weakest and have rapid but not necessarily long-lasting results. Our M potencies work deeper and are more long lasting.

Before You Get Started…Remember:

  1. Store your remedies carefully – in a cool, dry place away from electromagnetic fields (i.e. appliances, computers , magnets, sunlight.
  2. Protect the remedies from strong odors or heat. Also away from perfumes, or strong smelling medications (i.e. camphor).
  3. Don’t touch the remedies – administer from the cap or dropper directly into a clean mouth (at least 20 minutes apart from food or drink).

How to Give a Remedy:

  1. Pour 10-12 pellets into a bottle cap (same dose for patients of any size). The effect does not depend on the number of pellets, so don’t worry if you lose a few pellets in the process or give a few too many.

For Humans: Pour the pellets from the cap directly under the tongue and let them dissolve

For Animals: (choose one method):

  1. Pour or toss the pellets from the cap directly into the mouth or onto gums, or
  2. Dissolve the pellets in water and administer them with an eye dropper, or
  3. Sprinkle the pellets on a very small amount of milk, cream or bland food and let your friend lap it up, or (for a horse), you can put a few pellets on a carrot or apple.

In many cases, you will begin to see immediate improvement. In other cases, you might see a slight to moderate aggravation of old symptoms. This is known as a “healing response.” A healing response can last a few days, but it should be followed by improvement within another week. And even when a patient is experiencing a healing response, they will tend to feel better overall.

If the patient is feeling worse or experiencing new symptoms, this most likely indicates another illness, not the remedy. Call us if you are concerned.

Be patient! The remedy will continue to work long after you finish administering it, so never give more (or less) of the remedy than instructed.