Neuro-endocrine dysfunction in dogs, cats and horses; the descent of the spirit into form via the endocrine system.


Symptoms of neuro-endocrine dysfunction in a living system are the end-stage manifestation of challenges originating in the higher consciousness of the individual. Through a cascade effect, our Soul-force, Chi, Divine Consciousness, Life-force, God-light – however we perceive it, manifests as a physical form and vehicle of our personality via the endocrine and related energy systems such as the auric fields, chakras, meridians and nadis. This blog will discuss the basics of subtle energy anatomy, specifically the auric field, and the process by which the higher consciousness makes use of the neuroendocrine system to use the physical body as a vehicle for the expression of the personality.

Physical Anatomy
The physical body, that which is most commonly considered to represent third dimensional reality, is actually the densest component of many interactive fields. Each of these fields, of higher dimensional “light bodies”, is connected to the physical cellular structure through a complex network of energy threads. This integral web of life energies allows the higher vibrational forces to manifest in the physical body through their guiding effects upon the patterns of cellular growth and the unfolding of consciousness.

Non-Physical Anatomy
The non-physical body, energy fields or auric fields consist of the etheric, or etheric double, the emotional, mental and causal. The etheric is the first of the energy bodies. It functions as a blueprint of the physical body. Whatever is contained in the etheric double will eventually manifest in the physical, and conversely, disease in the physical body must move through the etheric field to the other energy bodies. A disease only contained in the physical body is much easier to heal than one that has emotional, mental or spiritual components.

The next energy/auric field or body is the emotional. It extends farther out than the etheric and contains our subconscious mind and our feelings. Disease originating in the emotional body must be healed before the physical body will respond to treatment. The emotional body interfaces with the physical through the limbic system in the brain.

Next is the mental body, home of our perceptions, behavior patterns, conditioning, memory and conscious mind. Dysfunctional thought patterns formed at times of crisis or on the basis of inappropriate data will often continue to cause distress and disease in the physical body until those thought-forms are changed or healed. The mental body is intimately related to the thalamus, hypothalamus and pituitary.

The last of the energetic bodies we are going to discuss (for the purpose of this blog) is the causal or spiritual body, home of our higher self. Spiritual level healing puts us in connection with All That Is, God/Goddess and our purpose for being. Much of the healing that both animals and people are currently involved in is occurring at this level. The causal body accesses the lower energy fields through the pineal gland, the ‘seat of the soul’, the first step-down transformer of consciousness into form.

Higher Spiritual Energies
Causal Body
Mental Body
Emotional Body
Etheric Body
Physical Body

The auric field layers extend out from the physical body as a visible form – luminous and discernible by multiple techniques. Various healing modalities will work with greatest effectiveness in certain energy fields. For example, manual therapy will effect physical change, but can also trigger emotional and mental release and restructuring. Herbs, drugs, nutrition, vitamins and minerals primarily affect change in the physical, but assist in creating a sense of emotional and mental well-being. Homeopathic remedies have their effect at the etheric field level, but simultaneously impact the physical, emotional and
mental. Flower essences are used to shift energies in the more subtle energy bodies – emotional, mental and causal. Emotional release therapy may be needed to clear patterns that are resulting in what would appear to be a primary physical dysfunction. Thus, how we think about ourselves and our relationship to a higher power, as well as to other livings systems and our natural environment directly impacts the health of our immune and nervous systems.

This multidimensional network allows energy of varying vibrational characteristics to flow into the body and influence behavior at both the cellular and organismic level. Incoming subtle energies seek to manifest consciousness on a physical level by passing through a series of step-down transformers, the auric fields, the chakras and the endocrine system, providing us with an explanation of how our emotions, thoughts and consciousness shape our physical reality, creating either a state of wellness or disease, bliss or despair.

How personality is produced

From a more mechanistic viewpoint, our diagram might look like this and might otherwise be titled “How personality is produced”:

  • Higher Spiritual Energies (the Authentic Self)
  • Higher Brain Centers (pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary)
  • Endocrine system
  • Hormones
  • Personality
  • Consciousness (filters/blocks)
  • Nutrition
  • Age
  • Stress
  • Toxicity
  • Trauma
  • Heredity

Absorbed through the crown chakra, and directly stimulating the pineal gland, the energy stimulus is transferred via the thalamus to the pituitary. Via a complex cascade of releasing factors, hormones are produced by the endocrine system which sets the pace for our metabolism, emotions and feelings, and thus, our personality.

Manifesting the Authentic Self

The above system offers each sentient being the opportunity to manifest their spiritual or ‘authentic’ self in physical form and is perfect in concept. There are a number of factors, however, that can distort the pure ray of the soul, and result in less then optimum form, thought, emotion and function:

  1. Consciousness Filters/Blocks – factors such as external energy fields, previous experiential dynamics (Karma), and the capacity of the organism to absorb and contain light energy (capacitation).
  2. Nutrition
  3. Age
  4. Stress
  5. Toxicity
  6. Trauma
  7. Heridity

Healing Neuro-endocrine Dysfunction – Product and Methodologies

  1. Homeopathy
  2. Flower and Gem Elixer Essences
  3. Herbs: St.John’s Wort (Hypericum), St.John’s Wort Forte (NF), Avena/Skullcap (Wise Woman Herbals), Sedaplex (Tyler), Tranquil Complex (PCHF),  Neuromedulla Complex (PCHF), Easy Boy (Dynamite), Passiflora, Chamomile, Vinpocetine (Vinca minor), Rhodiola Rosea, Phytisone (Tyler), Yarrow (Achillea), Relax (Equilite), Gingko Biloba, Valerian, Hops, Kava kava.
  4. Amino Acids: DL-Phyylalanine, Tryptophan / 5-hydroxy Tryptophan, I-Tyrosine, SAMe/SAMe Forte (s-Adenosylmethionine)
  5. Glandular Therapy: Standard Process, Melatonin, Pineal Plus (Thorne), Moducare (Thorne)
  6. Nutritional Balancing
  7. Vitamin Therapy ie. B-vitamins, Inositol, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12
  8. Mineral Therapy ie. Gold, Lithium
  9. Phosphatidyl Choline/Serine
  10. GABA/GABA Val (Gamma amino butyric acid)
  11. Reflex Emotional Therapy (PCHF) – these remedies have been especially formulated to assist healing of the mind-body connection using cell salts, flower essences and homeopathics in combination to release recurrent organ related patterns.
  12. Serotonin-Dopamine Liquessence (PCHF) – provides support in regulating neurotransmitters and relief of depression.
  13. Energy work – energetic repatterning ie. Holographic, NAET, TTouch.


Animals (and humans) are a product of their thoughts and emotions. “I think, therefor I am”. Our physical vehicle is formed in response to an intricate cascade of neurologic impulses and the resultant hormonal response. Neurologic patterning occurs in response to our experiences, both past and present. The sub-conscious and conscious minds represent the ego, and are related to the thalamus, hypothalamus and pituitary. The higher consciousness mind interfaces directly with the spirit or soul, and manifests through the pineal gland. Multiple “external factors” can affect this descent of Spirit into form, distorting the pure ray of the soul, and resulting in the production of dis-ease at many levels. Change the neurological patterning, and you can change the form. In other words, disease is an “aberration of the Spirit”, and can be addressed at many levels, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.


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