Nutritional Supplements

Website Photo OfficeOnce the client’s needs have been assessed via Living Systems Evaluation™ (LSA), a program of Nutritional Supplements and diet therapy may be recommended based on their unique energy needs. We call this our Quantum Frequency Rebalancing ™ recommendation (QFR). This is in addition to a basic healthy diet (see “Mediterranean Diet” for people and “Rating Food for Dogs and Cats” for animals under our Resources section). Nutritional Supplements may include vitamins, minerals, fatty acids or amino acids, fiber, pro-biotics and glandular extracts, as well as herbal and plant remedies.

Nutrient starvation is due to poor quality food or an increased need for a specific nutrient. Most animals and people eat an unbalanced diet, consisting largely of processed foods loaded with artificial additives. It is doubtful whether some items sold to eat should be called food at all. These include refined sugars (such as table sugar), refined carbohydrates (white breads and pastries made from highly processed denatured grains), chemical preservatives, flavorings and dyes, un-fermented or improperly fermented soy products, coffee and soda, so-called junk foods (such as manufactured dried snacks and chips), pasteurized and homogenized dairy, and most vegetable oils. A better term for such food is “fake food”. Fake-foods do not give the body what it needs to maintain it’s vitality or heal itself. They also strip the system of valuable nutrients and add compounds that are harmful, which the body then needs to detoxify, depleting the system even more.


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Our pharmacy stocks or has available complete lines of leading companies in the field of natural healing  such as Standard Process Laboratories, Integrative Therapeutics and Innate Response Formulas. That would look a little more like this!