Proper Care and Daily Maintenance of Your and Your Animal’s Energy Body

Everyone and everything has an energy field. It is a radiation that surrounds, penetrates and extends out beyond the physical body, that is electromagnetic and made up of varying types of vibrations or frequencies.  It contains step-down transformers for spiritual energy ( the chakras ) as well as the blueprint for the physical body. It is an energetic shield that keeps you healthy and protects you, similar to the function of the skin on the physical body.
Your energy anatomy and the proper care and maintenance of it is very important. Since your subtle energy body creates the blueprint for your physical body, good energetic health correlates to good physical health and well being. You would be very wise to integrate a daily clearing and sealing of your energetic field, or aura, as well as a daily vitalization, balancing and adjustment of your major chakras. This applies to your animals as well. Once you get into the flow and habit, the entire technique should only take a few moments or minutes, so it’s not only essential to health and well being, but entirely doable.
When something blocks the energy flow, the shield weakens and may affect you emotionally, causing you to become unhappy, depressed, tired or sick depending on the intensity and level of the blockage. The energetic field indicates a person or animal’s emotional state and the energetic health of the body. It’s maintenance and care is vital and requires daily attention and practice. Once initiated, the routine can become quick, simple, efficient and exquisitely effective.

Many factors can adversely affect or weaken your aura:
1) the quality of your thoughts
2) other people’s energy
3) your environment(ie pollution, toxins, electromagnetic waves from electronics, radioactivity, geopathic stress )
4) the quality of the food and liquids you ingest
5) the state of your physical condition (ie illness)
6) karmic debris from our current lifetime & past lifetimes, ancestral karma, culture karma
7) negative influences from the spirit realm

Daily Energy Maintenance Program (Excerpted from The Essential Energy Hygiene DVD by Mark Youngblood, ISSEE Global

When You Awake
Say a prayer or affirmation to connect you with Spirit, set your intention for what you’d like to create/experience in the next 24 hours – my sister Gloria uses “Good morning, God. Let’s make it a great day!”
Cut your AKA cords.
Cleanse your energy field with the spiritual waterfall.
Set up your protective capsule.
Do yoga, Chi Gong or other energy stimulation exercises.
Ground and breathe.

During the Day
Cleanse your work area with the spiritual waterfall.
Cut your Aka cords when you feel a negative energetic effect.
Cleanse your energy field with the spiritual waterfall as needed.
Check/upgrade your protective shield periodically. You may need to change the colors.
Compress or expand your field as needed under the circumstances.
Return psychic or energetic attacks with blessings.
Stay present, ground,breathe.
Slow down, center and reground periodically. If you don’t like the way you feel, change it.

When You Prepare for Bed

Say a prayer of gratitude.
Cut your Aka cords.
Cleanse your energy field with the spiritual waterfall.
Cleanse your bedroom and bed with the spiritual waterfall. Ground your energy.
Set your intention for sleep – what would you like to experience?
Ask for angelic protection – posting at the corners of your bed or room.
Sleep peacefully and soundly.

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