Top 10 obesity-related pet conditions

These cat and dog conditions accounted for more than 1.3 million Nationwide pet insurance claims in 2016, a 23 percent increase from three years before. Obesity continues to grow in veterinary practices (no pun intended). Nationwide reported an uptick in pet insurance claims for obesity-related conditions in 2016. More than 1.3 million claims for more […]

Transformational Times………..

If we look at this life from the perspective of being a part of the collective Journey, as light workers, if we so choose, it is to experience and transmute the shadow that exists within us all. I’ve learned that an important commitment to a spiritual path is the willingness to enter, embrace, forgive, love […]

Donna and the Christmas Rooster; A Tale of Forgiveness

Donna and the Christmas Rooster; A Tale of Forgiveness Let’s call him Rocky. A big, black macho Australorp. He started as a supposed hen, purchased with six other chicks at the feed store, but he gradually morphed into a rooster, much to my initial chagrin. “ Oh well “, I thought, “a good morning cockakadoodledo […]

What the hell…?

It’s very quiet here post-Trump. Like the pause when a pendulum comes to rest and then gets ready to start swinging in the other direction. Stillpoint. No bird sounds. Not a whisper of a breeze. Like the whole world, including Nature, is holding it’s breath. Why do I say post? Trump has done what he […]

Proper Care and Daily Maintenance of Your and Your Animal’s Energy Body

Everyone and everything has an energy field. It is a radiation that surrounds, penetrates and extends out beyond the physical body, that is electromagnetic and made up of varying types of vibrations or frequencies.  It contains step-down transformers for spiritual energy ( the chakras ) as well as the blueprint for the physical body. It […]

September Solar and Lunar Eclipse

September 1st Solar Eclipse and September 16th Lunar: No one or thing can escape the influence or impact of the Divine Energy that is pouring from the heart center of the galaxy. You cannot hide from it. You cannot ignore it – it has become too powerful and pervasive. Those who ignore this gift will […]

Why Choose Energetic Healing, aka E-Medicine?

“ Free “ energy. Utilizes the O-Point Field, limitless and constantly available to everyone. “ Green “. We already exist within the Field. No travel or postal charges. Untaxable. Freely available. Detect imbalances in your system before they have a chance to manifest as a physical symptom or disease. Most “ disease “ has an […]

Radioactive and Electromagnetic Pollution

Their Effect On Health, The Auric/Etheric Field and the Immune System   We live in interesting and challenging times. Consider that little more than a hundred years ago, Thomas Edison patented the first light bulb, which ushered in the era of electric power and of course, electrical power lines. Soon, there were patents on every […]

Neuro-endocrine dysfunction in dogs, cats and horses; the descent of the spirit into form via the endocrine system.

  Introduction Symptoms of neuro-endocrine dysfunction in a living system are the end-stage manifestation of challenges originating in the higher consciousness of the individual. Through a cascade effect, our Soul-force, Chi, Divine Consciousness, Life-force, God-light – however we perceive it, manifests as a physical form and vehicle of our personality via the endocrine and related […]