Q. What Should I Expect To See From A Healing?

This really depends on what is being addressed. Some animals , or people experience an immediate shift in their energy, attitude and sense of well-being from the time they first give us a call.

For others, especially those with chronic or long-term conditions, the shift may unfold more gradually as layer after layer of old programming and beliefs and accumulated energy “grit” is released and washed away. As you or your animal receive the support you need to balance, strengthen and ground your energy field, your mind, body and spirit flourish with renewed hope, clarity and vigor, re-remembering that health is your birthright and disease is actually the illusion.

It is sometimes necessary to go back through certain symptom patterns in order to release them, the analogy being unpacking a trunk of clothing. The newest symptoms may be addressed first, but we need to get to the bottom, one layer at a time, to arrive at the original source of the illness pattern. This often requires an unrelenting commitment to one’s own truth and well-being, and an unwavering decision to reclaim one’s own personal power and core integrity. The journey to the authentic self. The path of the spiritual warrior.

Q. What vaccines do you recommend for my pet?

A nosode is simply a homeopathic remedy that is made from a disease product. Nosodes are not in any way infections, and can be used in the same way that vaccines are, that is, to prevent viral infection. Like vaccines, nosodes sensitize the body to a particular virus, so the immune system can react quickly and effectively to natural exposure. Nosodes are at least as effective as vaccines, and in some cases have been shown to be significantly more effective than vaccines in preventing infection.

The schedule of treatment suggested here is for use in healthy animals. That is, there is no other disease process, severe parasite problems, or symptoms of illness present. Those animals that do have some symptoms need treatment with other homeopathic medications first, before the use of this program is begun. No drugs should be used during the treatment period, other than heartworm medication (if necessary). It will be all right to use with animals on thyroid supplementation, but the protection may not be quite as high in these cases.