Rife Therapy

Rife therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy developed by Dr. Raymond Rife30d816be-bdd3-455b-9584-cbd229092e49

in the 1920's and 1930's.     

What Is Rife Therapy?

Rife's method of destroying microorganisms and cancer cells was based on the principle of resonance - every living organism has a frequency signature or unique energy resonance - every virus, bacteria, and cancer cell. Rife developed equipment to apply specific frequency of energies that could destroy germs without harming the patient. The cliche of the soprano who shatters glass with her single, pure, focused tone is an adequate working metaphor. He went on to develop equipment to apply frequencies to treat cancer, Lyme's, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other conditions previously considered untreatable without drugs, radiation, or surgical intervention.

rife handbook

"Frequency therapy, properly applied, will replace every other modality. Frequencies can alter DNA, kill or enhance cells, affect all chemical interactions, breakup toxic substances and cause them to be eliminated from the body, kill pathogens that disrupt bodily functions, and enhance and stimulate all cells and organ systems to higher levels of performance." - The Rife Handbook by Nenah Sylver, Phd.

How Does Rife Therapy Work?

This is similar to the principles behind homeopathy, but opposed to the actual energy of natural substances grafted onto a sugar pellet or into water, Rife treatments are generated and delivered via equipment that generates the appropriate healing energy. 

In our office, these frequencies are then broadcast to the patient's field by means of a DNA sample, usually obtained by swabbing the inside of the patient's mouth or cheek and places into a Bio Photon Advanced Analyzer for an appropriate length of time. 

Imagine a non-toxic tool to help you achieve radiant health and well-being for you, your pets, and your family!


Rife Machine QB4000

Generates the frequencies that match and neutralize the disease.


Advanced Bio Photon Analyzer

Broadcasts the frequencies through the "matrix" or "field" via a DNA sample (mouth swab) representative of the patient.

6b6cb04b-7184-4c0d-ad86-a5772f9671f5-largeRife for Life Program6b6cb04b-7184-4c0d-ad86-a5772f9671f5-large

A series of 4 weekly rife treatments followed by a QFR