Transformational Times………..

If we look at this life from the perspective of being a part of the collective Journey, as light workers, if we so choose, it is to experience and transmute the shadow that exists within us all. I’ve learned that an important commitment to a spiritual path is the willingness to enter, embrace, forgive, love and integrate the darkest aspects of ourselves, and often ourselves as a part of the collective consciousness, and to merge the awareness gained into the Light of the Divine. We are never whole and healed without it. What I find unique and quite fascinating about this is how we sometimes take a breath and leap into the void. In truth, some of us have been aware that the time to create positive change on Earth was now. This planet has been under siege for some time. As each one of us has made the choice to enter and heal our shadow, bringing it into the light of love, forgiveness and compassionate acceptance and awareness, we have succeeded in raising not only our own consciousness but that of the planet, and as that energy has grown we’ve linked into a grid-work that has now surrounded the Earth and has prepared us for a download of the frequency that has come to be known as the Ascension Process or the Shift of the Ages.
We are currently being pounded by a high frequency energy that is transforming us and forcing the planet to its evolutionary Magnum Opus, the possibility of a shift into a level of Higher Consciousness that many had hoped and prayed for. Now that it’s manifesting, it sometimes seems almost impossible to believe it is actually taking place.


Realize that everything we have tried so hard to believe, the possibility of heaven on earth and the ability to manifest effortlessly is right there in our hand. As realized spiritual being in physical form, watch what you ask for because IT WILL HAPPEN. Now, this goes both ways. On this side of the looking glass, thoughts and desires are manifested into form instantaneously, without the lag time we’ve been used to. If we focus our energy on love, we will keep manifesting our hearts delight, our greatest passion, love, compassion for others, prosperity, peace, joy, Earth healing, global community. Focused intention from a place of the highest and best outcome for self and others is crucially important right now. Stay out of fear and focus on helping to recreate the garden here on Earth.
As this energy influx activates us, and we move to another level of Light-body, there can be some discomfort – extreme fatigue, disturbed sleep, pressure in the head, blurred vision. Our nervous systems and energy bodies are being updated and reprogrammed to be able to accommodate increased levels of awareness. We’re also stepping through the dregs of anything we haven’t released yet. There are many highly evolved multi-dimensional groups that have organized with a plan that has our best interests as a planet and our continued spiritual evolution as a free people as their agenda. As a matter of fact, now that a sufficient number of people on the planet have evolved to a point where we linked into and helped to create the planetary grid, these highly evolved Beings now have access and permission to interact with the Divine plan unfolding here on Earth. We can “let go” now, and take a break.
So, when things appear to be spinning out in 3-D reality, go to your center, connect with the Light of God/Goddess within, and breathe into the highest frequency of possibility that you can imagine from the heart and stay there. The Native Americans have a prophecy that in these “end times” you should “go into your teepee, shut the flap, and don’t look or come out for three days”. Remember as you’re doing it – this is bringing us to good. It’s the big event many of us had been praying for, but didn’t know if it would materialize in our lifetimes. New consciousness and the thousand years of peace are at our doorstep.

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman says this:” Allow me to give you some brief, concise guidelines to assist you in attaining and maintaining a state of grace, to help you become attuned to the wisdom of Spirit, as you accelerate the transition process on your never-ending journey along the spiral of illumination:
You must CREATE, CLAIM AND LIVE YOUR TRUTH. Process all new information through your heart monitor. Remember, that which resonates with love, self-empowerment and for the good of all comes from Spirit or higher truth. That which controls, diminishes or is fear-based is not of Spirit and should be discarded. Do not accept the old limiting thoughts of the mass-consciousness, “We are heading for a depression- Armageddon is here, or there will be world cataclysms.” Do not heed old concepts about illness, relationships, mass karmic events, predictions or tales of mass destruction. You have free will and are more powerful than you know. If you are willing to claim and live your own truths of self-empowerment, abundance, vibrant health and joyous living, then you will have truly moved beyond the level of the mass-consciousness and mass Karma.”    From “The Golden Promise: Channeled by Ronna Herman

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