What the hell…?

It’s very quiet here post-Trump. Like the pause when a pendulum comes to rest and then gets ready to start swinging in the other direction. Stillpoint. No bird sounds. Not a whisper of a breeze. Like the whole world, including Nature, is holding it’s breath. Why do I say post?

Trump has done what he contracted to do. He’s embodied the epitome of hedonism, materialism, bigotry, racism and misogony. His lack of understanding or concern for the major challenges that threaten our planet and our very existence as a species boggles the mind. The fact that over half of the American population voted him in is startling, and an attestation to the power of self-absorption, reality tv, how angry many Americans have become, and our willingness as a nation to sell our souls, our morals, and our personal integrity to the devil for a handful of silver and the promise that a mistaken messiah will make things alright for us, despite the cost to the planet, other people and our own morality.

What does this say about us as a country? Where are we going and in the words of Lynne Grabhorn “ Dear God, what’s happening to us?” After working through my own sense of disbelief, anxiety about what just came down and the physical nausea and revulsion that it generated, I decided to sit down, connect with the Higher Ups, and ask for clarification. Here’s what I got, it resonates at 99% truth and I’m feeling much better, so I’ll pass it on.

I was privileged to be in Sedona at the time, reasonably sheltered from the political chaos. The drama unfolded last night as my daughter and I waited for a plane in Phoenix airport. How did this “stunning victory “ by the Trump quarter ever happen? Out of nowhere ? No. There is a Divine plan, it’s not an evil overthrow by the dark forces and there are amazing things ahead, albeit demanding of all of us. Read on…

Those of us walking a Spiritual path know that we live in a time of rapid acceleration of growth. What might have taken us multiple lifetimes or, in the case of the Earth, thousands of years, has been condensed down into this moment, here, now, on this planet. This is it. Spiritual evolution for the earth and all of it’s inhabitants is now predicated on our ability to evolve and heal, and healing involves accepting the opportunity to face and heal our deepest shadows and fears and what we consider to be most unacceptable parts of ourselves. Donald Trump represents all of that – the most reprehensible aspects of humanity and ourselves as a country all rolled into one somewhat comical figure (God does have a sense of humor after all). The path of this country is to evolve spiritually, just as we are being asked to. Many years ago, my Qi Gong teacher Professor Chen would tell us that she came to the United States because when we were ready, and had grown and matured, the spiritual change for the world would start here. I believe that that’s true. Trump, God bless him, is acutely mirroring for us the healing that needs to occur in all of us if we are to rise to that challenge and become a Nation that holds regard for the individual as well as for the planet as our highest indicators of success, and encourages all people to work together for their, and the planets mutual benefit.

What does this mean for you practically? What do we do?

1) Continue or accelerate your own path of personal growth and spiritual healing. Remember, we’re all in this together and we’re interconnected. What you do for yourself, you do for us all, including dear Donald.

2) Pray. For Donald, for his supporters, for America, for all the peoples of the world and for the planet herself. (Isn’t it interesting that she represents the Divine feminine?) If you find this hard to do, I’ve included a copy of the Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation. It’s all about forgiveness, trust me on this one. Say it over and over, you’ll feel much, much better. You can also hold up your hands, palms out, and mirror back to him his own darkness so he can self correct.

3) Imagine how you want the world and this country to be. Send it out to the Divine with gratitude. Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You, too.. You may say, I’m a dreamer, and I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one. Hold strong to the vision.

And be grateful. If Hillary had won, it would have taken us much longer to get here, and God only knows how many years of toxic, unhappy struggle towards change.Trump threw us into the epicenter. Here we go!

Nostradamus and many different spiritual traditions have predicted that these end times are the ushering in of a thousand years of peace. We are honored to be present to these changes. Our opportunity is before us.

I love you.


Loving Kindness Meditation

Example: May Mary be happy.

May (a loved one’s name) be happy.

May (a loved one’s name) be peaceful.

May (a loved one’s name) be prospered.

May (a loved one’s name) be well.

May (a loved one’s name) walk with God.

I wish you well (a loved one’s name).

May (an “enemy”) be happy.

May (an “enemy”) be peaceful.

May (an “enemy”) be prospered.

May (an “enemy”) be well.

May (an “enemy”) walk with God.

I wish you well (an “enemy”).

An “enemy” is someone with whom you may feel a sense of separation.

May I be happy.

May I be peaceful.

May I be prospered.

May I be well.

May I walk with God.

I wish myself well.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be peaceful.

May all beings be prospered.

May all beings be well.

May all beings walk with God.

I wish all beings well.


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